Why Craps Players are Losing (Secret to Craps Strategies)

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Why Craps Players are Losing (Secret to Craps Strategies) Many players lose because they leave their bets working too long. The average player rolls the dice 8.5 times in a hand. That means many rolls are much less than 8. This video shows how a player with just 2 hits on place bets will have more profit than a player that has 5 hits on place numbers but leaves them working. Its something to think about when devising your next craps strategy. This might just be the secret to craps strategies.

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Why Craps Players are Losing (Secret to Craps Strategies)

10 thoughts on “Why Craps Players are Losing (Secret to Craps Strategies)

  1. Here is article how 8.5 is determined. https://www.casinocitytimes.com/donald-catlin/article/how-long-is-a-craps-roll-1240

  2. This is a great video! I used a modified version of this strategy last week and won big! $220 inside (5,6,8,9) after 2 hits, I go down to $110, now I'm out of the hand and have a profit of $30 and can now take advantage of the long roll and if big red comes it's no big deal. Of course point 7 out does happen but as you say in your video, 8.5 is the average and if a long roll does come you can press after regressing and make up for the point 7 out. It does take discipline to stick to this strategy because it's somewhat conservative. Thanks for the great video!

  3. why weren't both players playing the pass line bet with insurance ? Hitting all of those points would have paid $$$? correct?

  4. Your dealer two-hand grabs of right 5s and left 1s are looking great. You’ve been practicing or just doing a lot more of these. Good vid!

  5. when i turn my bets off the dealers will give me crap and so many times the next roll is 7, i just say…what'd you say? huh? they don't do it as much anymore because i am right many times, nothing magical, just math

  6. I like the random Casino Arizona chip in there. Wish we had live craps here. Good info for my next trip to vegas.

  7. Love your videos. As anyone who plays a lot knows, this sample size is just too small to determine whether a strategy is relevant. Really like the fact that you explore different strategies though.

  8. What almost all of these “strategy demo” videos show is that the cardinal sin in playing any craps strategy is not having enough bankroll when you get to the table and relying on an early hot roll to buy you time. Any strategy is going to have some ups and more downs, you need to have enough cash to be there when/ if the “ups” come and enough discipline to leave before the table regresses to the mean.

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