Why the Don’t Pass is the Best Bet on the Craps Table

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When you see this Don’t Pass Scoreboard, you will see why the Don’t Pass Bet is the best bet in Craps. The Don’t Pass Scoreboard will also open your eyes and show you why hedging the hop bets on the come out actually hurts you more than it helps you. See if your feelings against the darkside of Craps are still the same after you know the true score of the Don’t Pass Score Board.

“May the Dice be Nice”…..HCS

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Why the Don’t Pass is the Best Bet on the Craps Table

10 thoughts on “Why the Don’t Pass is the Best Bet on the Craps Table

  1. Byran thanks for taking the time for this thorough explanation. You certainly show the power of the DP. As with most of your HCS strategies, this explanation is a great talking point. You know I play very similarly!

  2. DP all depends on the come out roll. You had better hope the shooter doesn't hit a 7 or 11 on the come out. I was curious about the percentage of shooters who make their first point which is around 44% which gives you a 46% chance. I would never do it against an experienced shooter but most bad shooters it is a good strategy.

  3. I agree it's the best bet on the craps table….but with one caveat. In the long run it favors the house because they have money and time to outlast most gamblers. You, as an individual, are subject to the short-game with your limited bankroll and time, where anything can happen. If you get in on the action when the table gets hot, the strategy backfires. You don't have the financial strength and backing to outlast the casino. You will win in the long run with the DP bet, but you need the resources to withstand the whipsaw effects that happen in the short-game, even with hedging.

  4. Would love to see you do a video doing a Don't Pass bet for 1 unit only after you see a shooter make 3 consecutive points. Go dark after the 3rd hit then double the DP until you hit a 2 or 3 on the come out or they 7 out. Keep up the great work brother 🤙

  5. I love you guys and watch your videos but you really don’t know how to bet the game. I have been playing craps for over 40 years. Study the math of the game

  6. The "Dont Pass" is only mathematically slightly better that the "Pass" line bet, that doesn't make it the best bet because the dice have to go your way. How many times have you seen a dont better get hammered while you rake in chips ? Your last live video somebody rolled 7 like 5 times in a row, that "Best bet" cost you dearly…

  7. 12:00 In the example here, you had already taken away the losses and then paid only $55 on the $75 win on the $5 7-hop example. A comeout 7 would pay; +75 hop7 -16 losing hops -55 Dont = +$4. When a comeout box number does show, you coughed up $21 to get your big $55 Dont out there on a number. That's way too many points to pay for that privilege. If you're going to hop Red, try a pre-planned progression with a bet limit and keep it separate from your Pass/Dont game. Hopping bets are a different animal and require a different approach. The real advantage of the lay $130 over the 7 hopping hedge is that you have the flexibility to lay the coldest box number. When laying $130 on the 4, keep track of the frequency of Little Joe hits, it could get hot and blow up in your face.

  8. I only play the Don't Pass. Always. I just stand at the tables and grind it out.

  9. Money Shot, when you throw do you ever play the Dont and then set for Red when you are set up on a point? Have your crew ever played all dark side with all the 7 or off axis sets?

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