$109 BOUNTY HUNTER FINAL TABLE!!! PokerStaples Stream Highlights

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$109 BOUNTY HUNTER FINAL TABLE!!! PokerStaples Stream Highlights

10 thoughts on “$109 BOUNTY HUNTER FINAL TABLE!!! PokerStaples Stream Highlights

  1. Dam wasnt Jamie on a downswing there about 9 months ago maybe 1 year im not sure cant remember exactly but he seems to be on fire the last few months with cashs/final tables well done bro

  2. Jamie what happened to you 🙂 last Time i watched you is 2 years ago.

    Come back in your Form Please

  3. jaime, I don't know your entire bankroll, but I watched this stream you seem to have punted of the best part of 8k when you include rebuys.
    Is this sustainable going forward?

  4. The hand you had 99 vs 2 big stacks, when the flush completes on the turn… Man, that's a check, by betting u only get worst to fold and better to jam. And also by checking, you induce bluffs… So is a CHECK

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