117,600 to 1 odds of this hand! Poker Vlog

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Follow my journey as a poker pro and watch while I show you the real poker life. I’ll be playing mostly No-Limit Texas Holdem. Whether you are trying to learn to play poker, looking for top notch poker strategy, are a begining poker player or even a current high-stakes poker player, I think you will find value in my poker vlog.
Or is it a poker blog?
As a professional poker coach, I will be reviewing a ton of interesting poker hands, dive deep into poker theory and show the lifestyle of a poker pro traveling the world!

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117,600 to 1 odds of this hand! Poker Vlog

8 thoughts on “117,600 to 1 odds of this hand! Poker Vlog

  1. Wow that video was exhilarating to watch Lexy. Roller coaster of a day for sure. Obviously it bad to be so close to the money and not cash but I remember looking at this structure. Mo put it on the bike's website and I was disappointed with it. For a $550 qualifier into the Mega Millions it skipped levels that really forced it to be a card catching contest way too soon imo. I asked Mo about it and he told me he had to cut some levels because they really didn't have the dealers like they used to before covid. I've played that qualifier before and it used to be a much better structure.

    That said, I think you played well Lexy based on the hands you showed. What are the odds that in your past 2 vlogs you ran into straight flushes? 1 flopped and the other one was made postflop. Must be astronomical! It was an iffy call on the river because by then I would assume the rebuy period was over and is someone really going to bluff 95% of their stack like that on that kind of board? I probably lean towards a fold but it's tough.

    So I'll end with this, the vlog was a little different for me because you never gave us anymore updates on Bob and how he was doing after you showed him with a lot of chips. I was surprised at that. And then the vlog like abruptly cut off after you busted which after watching all of your others, was very unusual. I would assume you were upset and annoyed about not cashing and just didn't feel like giving us a "post tournament summation" like you usually do. But it was strange it ended like that all the same. I didn't read your name or Bob' in the WPT $5250 main at the Bike or in Tampa so I am assuming you guys just wanted some time off with your wedding so close.

    I don't know when your wedding is but I wish you both much happiness and joy and can't wait to see a ton more vlogs from you Lexy(and Bob too). Take care!!

  2. Bob is great guy.. I hope you appreciate him .love from iran โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท

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