#124 Matt Berkey: Nose Bleed Cash Game Poker Legend & Founder of Solve For Why

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Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is the founder of Solve For Why, nose bleed cash game legend, and one of the best souls in the entire poker world Matt Berkey.

In case you aren’t up to date on your CPG history, Berkey was guest #1 back way back when CPG launched in late 2019.

Since our first conversation I’ve learned Berkey is one of the most honest, generous, and genuine human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know and I feel very blessed to call him my friend.

And before you hop into the show, I would like to add an update:

When Berkey and I recorded this episode Solve For Why had been at $9.99/month (Down from pre-pandemic $149.99/month) but, starting on April 1st, the cost of a subscription will be going up to $49.99/month.

That’s still a 66% discount from where it was a year ago and one of the very best values in the poker world.

With that out of the way, in today’s show Berkey’s just about to take a trip in the way back machine and tell you stories about…

– His biggest influence in pursuing poker.
– The time he made a huge hero call in a home game with a bunch of colorful characters (Including a hitman) that lead to him getting frozen out of the game.
– The powerful life lesson he learned from his less-than-spectacular college baseball coach.

You’ll also learn:

– The power and responsibility poker coaches have when giving feedback to their students.
– Why Berkey and I think progress in poker software and training has forced us out of our poker adolescence.
– What Berkey sees as the next step in the solver evolution.
– And much, MUCH more!

So without any further ado, I bring to you the founder of Solve For Why … the one and only Matt Berkey.

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#124 Matt Berkey: Nose Bleed Cash Game Poker Legend & Founder of Solve For Why