$2 Microstakes Poker Challenge – Week 8 – Grinding $2 into $2000 – How to Learn Poker

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I’m taking $2 of free money, and turning it into $2000, playing micro-stakes poker online. This is my first time playing with real money. I’ll be playing NL2, NL5, NL10. Subscribe to follow my progress in this challenge. You will see some poker hand reviews and I’ll talk about microstakes poker strategy too.

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$2 Microstakes Poker Challenge – Week 8 – Grinding $2 into $2000 – How to Learn Poker

10 thoughts on “$2 Microstakes Poker Challenge – Week 8 – Grinding $2 into $2000 – How to Learn Poker

  1. Hey evthealien, I love your videos! I'm really trying to get better at poker and I was wondering if there's any possibility that you would do a sweat session with me?

  2. If your do the Get-It-Free holdemmanager and your trial expires you can send HM2 support an email and they will renew your trial…………………………. like forever until you finish the get-it-free.

  3. I tryed to get HM2 for free aswell. Unfortunatly for some reason they didn't recognise my new made account and I won't get it …

  4. HM2 sent me an email saying I could request an extension on their trial. However, I prefer Poker Tracker 4. It's awesome and easy to read all the stats I need for both cash and tournament games!

  5. can you post a handrange? in which position you play some hands? thanks, your vids are perfect…

  6. How do you learn all the percentages of win lose. If you no what I mean. What's the best way of progressing your game as I've been playing around a month and people keep saying I seem to make the wrong calls but I win the hand. Thankyou

  7. Enjoying these videos but I am a little incredulous. The first hand you ever played for money was the hand at the beginning of the series? You seem too familiar with poker concepts and and conversant in the language of strategy for that to be the case. Am I missing something or were you just the most studious play money player in the history of online poker?

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