[2021] Beat Micro Stakes Poker! – How I’ve won THOUSANDS

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Learn how I’m beating the micros in 2021! Steal my strategies!


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0:00 Intro
0:25 Why I’m Qualified to Give Tips
1:30 Video Overview
2:00 Tip #1 Don’t Play Hold ‘Em
5:14 Tip #2 Game Selection
7:55 Tip #3 Winning Hand Ranges
11:30 Tip #4 Exploiting Reads & HUDS
17:23 Bonus Tip: Bomb Pots
21:50 Outro

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[2021] Beat Micro Stakes Poker! – How I’ve won THOUSANDS

10 thoughts on “[2021] Beat Micro Stakes Poker! – How I’ve won THOUSANDS

  1. Thanks for watching everyone. I feel like this video lacked in the aspect of being concise and poker gameplay. Both of those will be altered in the coming videos unless I get specific comments saying people prefer this exact format for videos.

    Thanks again for watching.

  2. I'm actually not looking to play for money… I just want to enjoy poker. I play on the WSOP app for play money and it seems even players with decent bankrolls play soooo boring. Every single hand is limped, every 3-bet = KK or AA. Praying that maybe going to ACR playing for a few bucks will people play a little looser and allow more fun spots

  3. I've only been on for a couple of weeks but I have found ACR micros to be a little tough. It seems beatable but pretty tight. I seem to only see people stack off in terrible spots pretty rarely. Some seem to over play AKo given the circumstances but I am usually seeing only AA-QQ 4 betting or jamming. The good games always have a super long waiting list.

  4. I am a solid player, but I struggle with going up the stakes in micro SnG. I play 1$ buy-in, the return for 1st place is too small, but easier to get. 2$ buy-in and upwards I only see extremely tight players that only play AQ+ and fold to any bet. But wait, isnt this good? You can exploit them a Lot right? The problem is, its not consistant. I find spots where I can outplay them, but when they call my raise preflop, they Very often hit their high cards and since I cant bluff them, fold is the only thing possible, and It also forces me to play for value, but you cant play poker for value only, you dont get enough good hands, some tables you get nothing for 30 minutes, thats my struggle with moving up

  5. the hardest part for me about studying poker is just finding a place to start, I havent yet spent any money on training courses and so i have been trying to find free resources, ive got the dedication to study but sometimes i feel like im just going in circles, sometimes I spend an hour studying and im not even sure if it has helped me.

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