10 thoughts on “4 Limiting Beliefs That are Keeping You Stuck At The Beginner Level 😱

  1. Just go to pianolessonwithwarren.com
    That place is heavily loaded with all kinds of good stuff

  2. Simple awesome and inspiring ! God bless you dear Warren. I'm writing from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory coast).

  3. Hi. How about a lesson on how to finger melodies and when to insert chords with the RH under melody notes? Maybe take 5-6 random melodies from a fake book and walk us through them?

  4. Good afternoon , Professor Warren. When accompanying hymns using chords should you play on the off beats similar to reggae?

  5. Thank you for touching on the age issue. I'll take you at your word – I have a colleague who is an advanced player and keeps telling me am too old- am still determined to make it!

  6. Awesome, one thing I learn warren is that we are all busy but we all can make time to practice….jus the mindset needs to change

  7. Thank you for the word of encouragement Sir Warren.
    Hoping you can help me about techniques in playing simple Christian songs in simple chords.
    Thank you very much,God bless you.

  8. Congratulations. Youtube is using your site as a reference to others. They are saying people who watch videos of Piano with Warren may also be interested in this site as well and then list other Piano sites. Well, I am thinking of buying my first Stage fully weighted 88 key keyboard. I will then have 2 broken keyboards, an unrepairable (flood damaged) Baldwin, a Hammond organ and a new Stage piano. I said I would not be the person who cannot play with lots of keyboards. So, I am going to get rid of everything that does not work and continue to Practice. Today it was hard to stay focused. Could not even get hrough 12 key major scale. Yeah. Easier said then done.

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