Poker Strategy: Bart Discusses Over Betting the River for Value

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In this hand Bart makes a flush on the river and knows that his opponent has a straight. He explains his bet sizing at the end and how he would plan to bluff his opponent off of the same hand if he also had a straight. From @StonesLivePoker

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Poker Strategy: Bart Discusses Over Betting the River for Value

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Bart Discusses Over Betting the River for Value

  1. We all hear hand analysis all the time, but you’re one of the best. The more of these I hear from you, the more I co-sign your game and learn from you. Thanks for the content.

  2. It's great that Bart also analyzes alternative river cards, scenarios, etc than the one that actually took place.
    Keep it up!

  3. I over bet rivers a lot. I am definitely weighted towards value in these spots but have rammed my shares of overbet bluffs through as well. dwan and islder showed us how strong this play is over a decade ago but it is still under used.

  4. GREAT analysis of the hand. Love the breakdown of your thought process here. Very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work and effort.

  5. So funny i watch this video and I pause it and I think what I would’ve done. Amazingly you and I think a lot alike because I would’ve bet $1500.

    More than most times I push it all In and get called.

    Always good to know your audience.

    I really like your play Bart; good job!!

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