4 Tools to Learn Poker’s Top Skill of Hand Reading | Smart Poker Study Podcast 385

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I want to share with you 4 different tools that will help you finally learn poker’s top skill of hand reading.

Two of these are absolutely free, and the other two cost a few shekels, but they’ll turn you into a hand reading master… wayyyyy faster.

Visit this episode’s show notes: https://www.smartpokerstudy.com/pod385
Links to the 4 tools in this video:
Online Poker Hand Reading Workbook: https://go.smartpokerstudy.com/HandReadingWorkbook
Post-flop Online Poker: https://www.smartpokerstudy.com/PostflopOnlinePoker
“How to Do Poker Hand Reading” post: https://www.smartpokerstudy.com/how-to-do-poker-hand-reading/
66 Days of Hand Reading video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy4pUQAtRIkJiP1czMB0_N9w2x9iyMFqm

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