5 Overrated Poker Hands You Need to Stop Playing

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These 5 poker hands are very overrated and you should stop playing them so much, because it is probably costing you money.

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5 Overrated Poker Hands You Need to Stop Playing

10 thoughts on “5 Overrated Poker Hands You Need to Stop Playing

  1. Do you play any of these 5 hands? Also, here is the simple strategy I use to beat crazy players: https://youtu.be/8v02zBgHmQY



  3. I'm playing the pocket 5's in position, "iso" style!!! 🧐 let's get it! πŸ’ͺ

  4. I play all these hands (accept A2) from late position when it's a limped pot, or against players raising light 3bb too much, and only from late position. If the pot is 3bet by a tight player I'm out. Yes, they are all trashy starting hands, but if you hit can often get a lot on implied odds.

  5. Hard and fast rules like this are good generally, but not situation-ally. Is ATs a poor candidate for calling an all in? Oh, yes. But one must assume nothing about the player, or his/her mood, or even the last few hands. I recently watched a fish lose with bottom pair (flop). He had raised pre with a garbage hand and expected his pair to be good when he hit. It wasn't. Another player took him for a substantial amount of his stack with a higher pair, and said preflop raiser was not happy about it. Predictably, on the next, he shoved, preflop. I understood he was frustrated and was just blindly lashing out. So I called, with ATs. One of your "don't play" hands, especially to a pre-flop shove. Turns out the player shoved pre with J7o, and my ATs was good enough to take it, as neither of us made a pair. Poker is not so loveing dry.

  6. Nathan , we all know that amateurs are going to look at this, and then play differently.

  7. So i just watched your other video saying pocket 4's was a hand you must play and here you say baby pocket pairs must be avoided. i am confused with the contradicting information

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