$500 for each Ace… SUPER TRIPLE PLAY.

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Little education on video poker and the different games- took Ma Kittle to Firekeepers for some poker and food.

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1 video closer to the royal.

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$500 for each Ace… SUPER TRIPLE PLAY.

10 thoughts on “$500 for each Ace… SUPER TRIPLE PLAY.

  1. You and your mom remind me of my son and I we go everywhere together I have more fun with him than anyone else in the world

  2. First , I want to say what
    A great channel , finally a channel that does not post an 11 minute video and talk useless for 7 of the 11 mins , There are so many different factors that go into playing whether you hold the kicker when dealt 3 aces depending on the game double super times play poker where you can get the multiplier on the deal in the re deal it's just a feel type of thing and you have to see how your cards have been filling in on the top 2 hands playing double double U never hold the kicker when you get dealt 3 aces to a kicker Fight yet if your playing altimate acts you are always trying to play for that next hand so holding the 3 aces is gonna give you a greater multiplier on the next hand

  3. Hang in there Big Guy, only a matter of time when the Video Gods will be smiling on you…🤣

  4. Let me tell you why keeping the kicker doesn't make any sense…simply because you DONT HAVE 4 of a kind yet! I would much rather have 2 cards/chances at it than one.

  5. very nice video cat keep fighting for that royal buddy…went to hardrock today tdbonus 25c fought it for about 3 hours down to my last 40$ went to 50c same machine hit the 4A no kicker..made like 400 or so..thank god for that..i want to wish you and your mom happy holidays and all the best you are great people!!stay safe and good luck my friend!!mike the greek lake alfred fl.

  6. My first Royal ever, I needed the queen of spades. Good thing I got it back then now that it's out of the universe…lol

  7. Hold whatever makes you happy lol, but it feels so dumb to me to hold the kicker when it comes up for me. Usually because I don't have much money to begin with and any of the wins would be nice. 😛

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