6 Things I Wish I Knew When LEARNING POKER

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There are so many skills to learn in #poker, but these are the 6 things I wish I had learned when I first started playing. Learning these poker concepts early, and implementing them well, sets you up for success. With these things understood, you can find more +EV bluffs, minimize tilt, and reinforce the strategic elements that actually matter.

0:00 Tips For Learning Poker Quicker
1:03 Tip 1 – How Often Hands Hit vs Miss
4:15 Tip 2 – Basic Poker Math Is Simple
5:48 Tip 3 – Exploitative Play Makes The Money
7:32 Tip 4 – You Only Control These Things
8:58 Tip 5 – Stop Projecting Your Thoughts Process
10:25 Tip 6 – The Edges Are Here


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6 Things I Wish I Knew When LEARNING POKER

10 thoughts on “6 Things I Wish I Knew When LEARNING POKER

  1. gto/solver…useless piece of toy. cannot apply them in actual hand. Or, just go and memorize all possible combinations and %?? lol

  2. Projecting is a super easy mistake to make. Like if I'm plugging a hand into flopzilla, and I working through the action, I say "theyd probably fold these holdings to this bet" but I know from the showdown that they didnt fold that combo. It's been eye opening realizing how often my opponents play extremely different ranges and strategies than I would.

  3. A mistake that I think happens with more players than youd expect is to use inconsistent logic to analyze a spot. I used to mess this up all the time, but the obvious example is thinking that you've made a bet that might get called by worse or fold out better. It doesnt come out like this when you make the play, otherwise youd spot how ludicrous it sounds, but I wish I'd known that while poker is endlessly deep, core principles are essential and straightforward. A conceptual foundation is vital, before you get into frequencies and even quite basic study and calculation.

  4. You don’t need to win every hand. When you “know” you are behind, no need to try to force it. Pick your spots.

  5. when you said players are looking to connect with the board with their whole cards . I want to know how I can play at a deeper thinking level to not be 3bet to death.

  6. Yeah I did CORE during the pandemic lockdowns and it was really transformative for my game.. I was 10 NL losing reg at that time

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