72,192 : 1 ODDS of this hand! $1100/$500k | Poker Vlog

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Follow my journey as a poker pro and watch while I show you the real poker life. I’ll be playing mostly No-Limit Texas Holdem. Whether you are trying to learn to play poker, looking for top notch poker strategy, are a begining poker player or even a current high-stakes poker player, I think you will find value in my poker vlog.
Or is it a poker blog?
As a professional poker coach, I will be reviewing a ton of interesting poker hands, dive deep into poker theory and show the lifestyle of a poker pro traveling the world!

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72,192 : 1 ODDS of this hand! $1100/$500k | Poker Vlog

10 thoughts on “72,192 : 1 ODDS of this hand! $1100/$500k | Poker Vlog

  1. Normally I dont give a love about the editing on poker videos, I just come to watch the poker hands but i will say the music you played right before you were about to play and when you started the first hand got me super pumped up. Hehe, like i was going to play myself. I got a ritual that I been doing for 20+ years of poker and thats I blast Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name right when im pulling into the parking lot of a poker tourney to get me pumped up and I sit in my car and let it pump me up. I cant remember when I first started this ritual but I know i had listened to it as I was pulling in and won that particular tourney so i been doing it every since. A lot of my friends give me bad about it now too but idgaf.. its my thing. Anyways I was rambling so yeah keep putting out good fun conent. Its great.

  2. Bob, that is so funny. I had the exact thing happen to me during a tournament in Michigan. Went to the bathroom and guy swept my chips with a pot he won. Came back to no chips. Lexington, hang in there!!! You are a great poker player, things will turn around for you!!!

  3. Let’s be honest. If Alexis was not a good looking woman. With her record of making it to the final tables. Would anybody be backing her Poker Career. But the industry needs more women to play. Let’s be honest

  4. Hi Lexy and Bob, just watched the vlog. First let me empathize with you Lexy, running bad over and over in a short amount of time(especially in decent buyin events) can really depress anyone. I totally feel your pain. It's funny, the first hand you showed us with the 76ss and flopped bottom 2 – I was like there is no way she is behind here. straighty, flushy board you made the correct play by shoving due to your opponents stack size. When I saw the 97 I literally yelled out ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Then the JJ vs QJ hand imo is a prime example of hands you lose when you're not running well. The fact that he made a straight flush pretty much solidified the fact that it just wasn't your series and it's time to head home. Pretty brutal for you Lexy and Bob and it bad.

    By the way, I had a bad day 2 in my tournament this weekend. Came back to day 2 with 29bbs, avg was 39 bbs. So I was pumped and ready to go and try and make money and go deep. 40 minute levels, Blinds were 4000-8000-8000 and utg shipped all in for 95,000. i have KK and about 210,000 and I reshove. Everyone else folds and utg turns over A5 offsuit and stands up ready to leave. Flop AA5!! I mean I just sat there in disbelief. Literally drawing dead on the flop except for running Kings. So a few hands later I ship it all in with A7 off for about 55,000 and sb calls me with 107ss. Again big favorite and a 10 hits lol. I don't improve and I bust the tournament in about 20 minutes. It bad just like what you dealt with but we have to move on right? Thx again for the vlogs Lexy please keep em coming!!

  5. Hi Guys, Do you keep track of all your entries and wins? If so who is doing better?

  6. I should've sworn you had a flush on that first hand… replay and then see the graphics are not good… You had no spade 🙁 … that was a weird sweat…

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