Advanced Poker Theory; Defending to a Large Four bet

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Crush Live Poker lead pro, Bart Hanson discusses choosing hands to defend with in a four bet pot.

In this hand Squishmytomato calls in with an interesting theory question. Which suited connectors should he defend with when in position, facing large four bet preflop and deep stack?

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Advanced Poker Theory; Defending to a Large Four bet

10 thoughts on “Advanced Poker Theory; Defending to a Large Four bet

  1. Why would you 3bet 65s in the first place? Low suited connectors are IMO the most overrated hands in poker by far. No idea why you'd want to do anything preflop besides limp them.

  2. Just fold lol wtf he is risking so much with that ridiculous sizing. It doesn't seem close at all. You can find way better spots against a maniac and just 3 bet way tighter.

  3. Where is this game played? It looks yummi yummi… Players playing 10/25 with begginers preflop questions.

  4. Hero should call pre, let the fishes in and try for a big pot with small investment, rather than antagonizing the pro.
    Second best option is folding pre.

  5. The caller mentions that he hasn't played with the CO player all that much, so it's possible that this player is just enjoying a nice distribution of cards. However, it appears that the caller has observed the CO take several very aggressive actions. It may be time for the caller to step out of his comfort zone and start countering this player. I get the feeling that the caller is attempting to stick to some sort of "optimal" preflop strategy, but this focus has caused them to overlook the game unfolding in front of them.

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