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Can we make quads a daily thing on the videos. Spoiler alert, we win that hand with quads. Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! As always, really grateful and appreciative of the support.

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10 thoughts on “ALL-IN DOUBLE UP WITH QUADS!

  1. Foxwoods…bought in for $100…cashed out $3400 ( flopped quad jacks against and open ended straight flush- Royal flush draw ( bad beat would have been almost $600K BUT missed)

  2. I was playing 1-1-2 NL ($1 on button, $1 sb, $2 bb) i bought in for $40. I had 7-3 offsuit, i folded, the guy next to me bets $23 all-in with Q♣10♣, someone else calls with pocket aces. Flop comes J♥, king♣ ace♦. Turn jack♣, river ace♣. This was a $100,000 Bad beat jackpot, quad aces beat by a royal flush. $50,000 to quad aces, $20,000 to the royal flush, $30,000 table share to everyone else that was in the hand. I got $5,000 just for folding 7-3 offsuit. Best profit margin I've ever had. Total time: 45 minutes.
    I already received 2 of your chips from the day you won the wsop. but i would absolutely love the card protector if you pick me. Keep up the awesome poker content! I love your videos!!

  3. Started with 200 at a home game at 1-2$…left with 1400…first hand is QQ and flop a Q against 2 players both all in…double up at the start

  4. won about $350 in a $1/3 at the Bellagio. First time ever in a casino. Bout in for 250 had about 1000 sitting in front at one point. Little over 6 hours. Tons of drinks lol

  5. Thanks for the vlogs. Really appreciate them during Covid restrictions.

    1/2 home cash game
    Buy-in: $80 out for $1385
    Next day buy-in: $200 out for $1350.

  6. Played 1/3 with nits lost a 300 buy in.
    Moved to 2/5 with 400
    1st hand in BB two players jammed in front of me, called with 4 4 flopped a set, tripled up and went home.

  7. It was a “Big-O” game. In for $200. Out for $2,400 in 2 hours at Manchester

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