All you wanted to know about POKER STUDYING AND COACHING

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Just chatting stream turned into Q&A about studying and coaching. Everything from coaches to what and how to study.

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All you wanted to know about POKER STUDYING AND COACHING

10 thoughts on “All you wanted to know about POKER STUDYING AND COACHING

  1. Something different for you guys! Hope you like it. I think it expplains some important things I'm going through and developing. It's also very valuable if you're trying to get better at poker! <3

  2. Hallo Lex
    Ik ben van plan te abonneren op jonathan zijn coaching site, raat jij dat dan ook af ?
    Reageer aub dit keer wel even aub ??
    ik leer veel van jou ! bedankt daarvoor…
    groetjes Klaas…

  3. this friday session was amazing, Lex, thanks so much for it and for uploading it to youtube, cheers! less than three 🙂

  4. Since I've watched this everytime I've studied I've had lexs "no clue what's going on but I'm learning" voice narrating the way and it's great. Eff you <3

  5. Just fookin Do IT !!! nice outro by the editing team .. inspirational mind set session with Lex ty ill be watching this again .. soon

  6. Take a notice many people don’t believe that you need work to get better at poker.
    Every study video have 3 times less views comparing to your highlights videos.
    I’m actually glad that it is like that 👀

  7. Lex. Thank you for this. I'm not even watching this for poker, but this is a template for really anything in life.

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