Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What Hollywooding is in Poker

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Hollywooding occurs when a player takes too much time to play their hand – another inconsiderate move in poker. Learn more about poker etiquette in this free video series that will have you behaving like a poker pro in no time.

Expert: Johnny Ferrell
Bio: Johnny Ferrell is the founder of Lucky Aces Custom Poker Tables has been an avid poker player for close to ten years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Source: YouTube

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Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What Hollywooding is in Poker

10 thoughts on “Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand What Hollywooding is in Poker

  1. It is legitimate to a point…it can go too far in tournament games where blinds are going up. Then again, people can call "clock" on a person to put an end to I guess it's ok.

  2. As most commenters have said, Hollywooding is pretending you are agonizing over a hand, when in fact you have the nuts. It is a legit and respected strategy. Doyle Brunson is a master of this.

  3. Wow amazing. Its just astonishing how expert village remains so consistently wrong all the time.

    You have absolutely no idea what "hollywooding" is.

  4. agree with other comments here. hollywooding is a very viable strategy. i cant tell u how many times i hollywooded the nuts and my all ins got called cuz of it. if used excessively then it becomes a waste of ppls time. i even hollywood a bluff but since ppl think im hollywooding they fold. god i love to hiollywood depending on the ppl and situation.

  5. Hollywooding (underselling your hand) and taking too long unnecessarily are two separate concepts. One is legitimate poker, the other is bad etiquette.

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