BEST PLAYING CARDS ● TOP 12 (the ultimate brick)

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This is epic. We celebrate our 9th Birthday, create an ultimate brick of top 12 decks of playing cards of all time and then give away an entire brick of cards, a clever magnetic box by Art of Play and our collection of hybebeast/cardistry stickers.

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Here’s a list of rare and exclusive playing cards featured in this video:

1:18 Split Spades Gold Metalluxe Edition by David Blaine. Watch these cards in action:
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2:09 Golden Nugget Casino playing cards. Watch these cards in
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2:26 Monarch Now You See Me 2 by theory11.
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2:49 Camp Cards. Watch these cards in action:
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3:28 Arrco playing cards (Ohio-made aka blue seals)
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3:58 Smoke and Mirrors v3 Luxury Edition by Dan and Dave Buck.
Watch our Art of Play tour:
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4:50 Magic-Con 2012.
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5:25 Bee Wynn Casino playing cards.
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6:03 Jerry’s Nugget Casino playing cards. Watch these cards in action and find out more about the history of Jerry’s Nuggets:
Watch Dan Buck of Dan and Dave Ind. and Art of Play explaining why Jerry’s Nugget cards are so desirable and rare:
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6:45 Absolut Vodka playing cards. Watch us splitting this and other cards:
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7:20 White Centurions by theory11.

8:03 Virtuoso Launch Edition. Watch our vlogistry video feat. Virtuoso FW 17:
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UPD. Giveaway winner – Andrew Sisavath. Please send us an email to db [at] with your address info and we’ll ship your prizes! Congrats!

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Розыгрыш 12 колод карт в честь нашего 9 дня рождения.

Поддержите нас, купив наши продукты, платные обучения фокусам и кардистри, и нашу брендированную одежду:

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BEST PLAYING CARDS ● TOP 12 (the ultimate brick)

10 thoughts on “BEST PLAYING CARDS ● TOP 12 (the ultimate brick)

  1. This is epic, we've turned 9 years old. To celebrate we pick 12 best playing cards and house them in this ultimate brick box.
    Giveaway winner UPD in the descrtion!

  2. Hey boys sick video and Ik my choice for a deck that could have made it isn't to og but I say that 1st playing card v1 would have been a great addition- Happy birthday

  3. I think your missing the luna moon although it probably doesnt fit in the brick

    I would lllloooovvvveeeee to win the giveaway

  4. Can i get just one deck of cards plz..I don't want all decks, just one of these decks will make my dream comes true..btw happy birthday.I'm great supporter of your channel love from India

  5. Happy Belated to the DB!! I love the Bee watermelon decks, they would have fit great on the list. Hope I win :)))

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