Big ChipStacks 530 Big Game and 300 KO! | Pokerstaples Stream Highlights

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Big ChipStacks 530 Big Game and 300 KO! | Pokerstaples Stream Highlights

10 thoughts on “Big ChipStacks 530 Big Game and 300 KO! | Pokerstaples Stream Highlights

  1. 9 10 call on river was pretty nitty but I still respect you lol. Also, I find that you love to jam 20x BB a lot it doesn’t hurt to just call a raise more of the time..I still respect you though lol

  2. Have you ever folded AK lol love how you play but buddy it’s online bingo lol. If you flat withAK there u save stacks but I am play live what do I know

  3. Очень плохо стал играть… 🧐🧐🧐🧐Поработай на своей игрой…

  4. Jaime I watch all your vids and have been playing poker for 15 years as a rec mostly at the casino now as poker is banned online in Australia and I think something for you to look at in your tourney strategy is to take the less variance route in your tourneys and you will make a bad ton more money. You tend to take the high variance rate atleast more than 50% in general. Talk with your coach and see what he thinks and try to tweak your game with this is mind for a few weeks and see what happens. You are so unlucky in flips and play well generally post flop so use your knowledge post flop to outplay people. Most people play ok preflop and bad post flop so use your experience brother and rely less on variance gg mate hope you read this and have a think about it we all want to see you smash it.

  5. "Squeezing here with AQo/AJo. Good luck us " meaning you're only getting called by better hands and your whole strategy is to get lucky and suck out

  6. Ak suited not a jam vs ug open 40bb deep in satty with ur chip stack and place in tourny, it's a flat, in regular tournament yes, not in that structure

  7. i'd really love if you did a bankroll challenge, not those usual challenge but like 10k to 100k challenge, think that it would make a great content for you !

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