Bluffing in Poker – How to Bluff?

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Today we talk about bluffing in poker.

Bluffing in Texas Hold’em is an absolute neccesity, but you need to bluff with the right frequency. Bluffing too often will banrupt you and bluffing too seldom won’t give you much action.

We will discuss the difference between semi bluffs and pure bluffs and we’ll talk about what players are best to bluff and what players you shouldn’t bluff.

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Bluffing in Poker – How to Bluff?

1 thought on “Bluffing in Poker – How to Bluff?

  1. Where did you get those exact percentages? You are making WAY too many ASSUMPTIONS! You keep saying stuff like, you KNOW your opponent has this or you KNOW your opponent is going to do that. And, again, you're using EXACT percentages! Do you REALLY think poker is a game of "reading" minds? Like it's MAGIC. Well, I'm here to tell you it isn't. Bluffing is ONLY about using one's best guess. Yes, poker DOES involve only GUESSING. And, nothing more. It isn't magic. So, I think you're giving new players the WRONG impression.

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