EPIC Final Table vs Fedor! $145,000 to 1st!

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This INSANE $1000 tournament saw me face off against Fedor Holz on an epic final table with $145,000 to 1st! One of the best players in the world puts me in a very tough spot and with six figures on the line- CAN I WIN?!

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EPIC Final Table vs Fedor! $145,000 to 1st!

10 thoughts on “EPIC Final Table vs Fedor! $145,000 to 1st!

  1. Patrick, you said something about a downswing in the super millions with Kevin. Is it safe to say it’s over after the recent results? You’re a real inspiration btw (:

  2. 18:50 biggest nit roll– nah he admits it all G.
    not a nitroll veerse your avg villain but vs Fedor ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. 16:45 Fedor‘s over-bet is good but check-fold will be better. Pair 7 is only good for show down.

  4. I can’t believe Fedor’s skill is on the down road. From Chip leader to No.7? Can’t understand why so unnecessary loose.

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