10 thoughts on “GTOx Solver Demo | The Next Evolution in Poker Learning

  1. Do you have plans to make this usable in database mode? Would love to be able to generate solutions for a standard set of flops for a given spot in order to drill against the solver while having all these outputs like the equity tiers and so on available on the side to look at

  2. Hi, what does GTOx does better than GTO+ for example other than analyzing hand histories? on it's initial release as I understand it will not incorporate some functions of other solvers on the market, so if I own GTO+ or Simple Postflop for example, what does GTOx does better in terms of features? obviously, GTOx being cloud based is a huge feature in it self for people with less computing power, etc…but for someone else, what should I expect? Honestly, I own GTO+ and I'm looking for something different, so please share. Thank you and have a good week.

  3. I’m a bit confused by this.. does it use GTO vs GTO ranges and for that reason would I only be able to use it vs regs? What if I see my opponent defend 24o which isn’t included in villains range?

  4. Any news on when it will be released? stumbled upon this video again and I cant wait for it to be available!

  5. Amazing work! But I can't wrap my head around the concept of EV regret, and how it is calculated? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the EV values you have in your table right? You mentioned somewhere that opponent is not supposed to become 'max exploitative' in order to calculate EV regret, but how is it calculated then? Does it only apply to the line that was taken in this hand or for the entire range?

  6. just saying, if there is a reasonably priced option for this, i am absolutely getting it. very impressed

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