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A viewer asks about the RNG of video poker machines. I take a look at an older video poker game using emulation and explain my findings using a physical deck of cards. One interesting find is that the RNG shuffles the cards continuously regardless if the machine is being played, only stopping to deal the cards as instructed when the player presses the deal/draw button.


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How a Video Poker RNG Deals the Cards | Ask MikeV

10 thoughts on “How a Video Poker RNG Deals the Cards | Ask MikeV

  1. Thanks Mike! That was a clear and concise video. It would be interesting to see how the RNG changes between games like double double and triple double or if it even has to change? I sometimes go back to your other videos for review before going to Pechanga in San Diego. Your videos have been very helpful, but would love to see you play in real life at a casino to see your results. I know that video poker is still a game of luck, some days will always be better then others, but it is one of the few games where you have a choice on strategy. Thanks again for all of your help!

  2. I do not believe that this explanation is correct. From what I have read from experts on the workings of video poker, such as Bob Dancer, both the initial five cards, plus five replacement cards, are all selected when the hand is begun. According to them, there is no RNG/timing aspect for the draw action. However, there is a difference between older and newer machines in how the five replacement cards are used. In older machines, the five cards are "behind" the original dealt cards (parallel), and in newer machines, they come out sequentially replacing any cards that are discarded (serial).

  3. Thank you so much. Been wondering the same thing.. now my question is how the double or nothing on some of the video poker game online? When you hit yes the computer show you 5 cards, one facing up and 4 facing down… does the computer really gives you 5 cards or just one card?

  4. At 4:31 your example starts (before save) with 5C, 5D, 10H, 9H, 2D. After you hold the two 5's you save the hand to memory. When you load your save it comes back: 5C, 5D, "10S, 9S, 2D". Wouldn't a saved hand to memory be reloaded the same exact way? If so then how can we trust the new outcome with the pair of K's to be true if your program (which is different from actual casino video poker programs) cant even reload saved hands properly? Not putting your info down, just wondering if you noticed what I noticed with the reload of save point.

  5. So, It Dosen't Really Matter, If You Play A Perfect Strategy? You Just Have To Think FAST In Picking Your Cards.. No Wonder, I Sometimes Just Cruise While I'm Playing, Talk To My Friend That Is Next To Me Playing Or Just A Taking A Few Zipps Of My Alcohol Beverage Looking @ My Phone…Lol! That's Probably Why I Haven't Hit A Royal Flash, In My 5yrs Of Playing @ The Casino…🤦‍♂️

  6. The random part doesn't seem random. If you play jacks or better vs say duce's wild, you'll see a huge variation of the new cards that you've discarded or even the hands you're first dealt between the versions of the games. If it's truly random you shouldn't see any variations. Also the different games like extra draw frenzy where you need 3 of the same cards to get the bonus rarely come up but if you play a different game with no bonus it'll come more often. That shouldn't happen if it's truly random.

  7. On occasion I will get one or more of my discard cards back, sometimes in the same spot. How does this happen? They shouldn't be in the shuffle/deal.

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