How To EXPLOIT Daniel Negreanu

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Is Daniel Negreanu exploitable? Upswing Poker’s newest coach, high stakes pro Uri Peleg, walks you through the preflop action of a hand from the new season of High Stakes Poker that demonstrates how to come up with winning exploitative adjustments on the fly…even after seeing just one hand.

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How To EXPLOIT Daniel Negreanu

10 thoughts on “How To EXPLOIT Daniel Negreanu

  1. Many congratulations Uri! You still be producing content for Guerrilla Poker? Anyways, keep the quality content like this rolling! Cheers.

  2. If he's raising Q5s+ there and maybe Q9o, flatting QJo is gonna print $ in position – assuming typical live non-3bettors behind. ESPECIALLY if there's a for fun player in the blinds. Maybe QTo to 3b range

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