How to Learn NOT to Overplay your Hand in Poker

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It’s important to learn how to play your cards right in order to have a successful poker career. In this video, we’ll teach you how to not overplay your hand and improve your poker game. The caller is upset that he did not get maximum value after flopping middle set, but Bart thinks that he played the hand fine.

0:00 — Intro
0:48 — Preflop
1:29 — Flop
3:39 — Turn
7:05 — River
7:15 — Hero’s Decision Point
9:35 — Reveal

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How to Learn NOT to Overplay your Hand in Poker

10 thoughts on “How to Learn NOT to Overplay your Hand in Poker

  1. Just have to say.. I loved this guy! One of the best first time callers we have ever had. Quick and right to the point

  2. Painfully, apparently below average player here. I'm ONLY calling turn (v. raising) because I'm sure I have the best hand and want to let villain value own self, and I am shoving this river over his less than all in a) my hand is likely good b) he should not have any reason to leave chips behind w/ the pot size and his aggression. I appreciate the explanation, and I while I get max value played my way, this helps me to think in different ways about such situations. Great call and analysis/explanation-he's better than those who looks up to and respects; and the student becomes the teacher!

  3. absolutely great call from a guy that actually knows what he is doing. Played it fine tbh.

  4. I think this is the first time I've laughed out loud to myself at the reveal. Nearly choked up my cup of coffee.

  5. Hi Bart thank you for all the contents you've made, I'm enjoying watching a lot.
    I have a suggestion for the footage title. As you may aware of, the average player level, skills and ranges are quite different depends on the blinds. It's not an absolute measure but I believe there are much more tough spots you may face in higher stakes.
    Could you add whats the blinds that caller played during the session on the title like 1/3, 5/5? I still love you analysis but some are not very helpful as either hero or villain takes out of line so badly.
    This one is great btw πŸ™‚
    Thank you for reading and happy new year!

  6. This is what my solver says (the earlier one is for hero's entire range)
    Flop: Raise 50%/call 50%
    Turn: all in
    River: all in
    Thank you Frank7489

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