How To Play Poker Final Tables In 2020 (In Depth Review w/ Bencb)

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Near the end of 2019, I played my first MTT of the year while live on Twitch and WON $50,000! After the BIG win I booked a review session with the top elite player Bencb from Raise Your Edge! In this 3 part series we go through the crucial hands from the final table to explore if we missed out on some +EV spots… If you wan’t to see more from this session, then make sure to hit the subscribe button and click the bell as I’ll be uploading a new part each week!

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Watch the Live replay of The Final Table:

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If you wan’t to chime in with your thoughts on how you like to adjust for poker tournament final tables, leave a comment below so we can all learn together. Youtube is a great place to learn how to play poker, and when we work together we get to take our game to the next level much faster! I’m excited to make more final tables in 2020 and to see you doing the same. Let’s get stackin!

I really hope you enjoy this final table review series with BenCB from Raise Your Edge. After spending the last 12 months studying his masterclasses it’s really a dream come true to get to learn from him 1-on-1 and even moreso that I get to share it with you! Thanks and enjoy!!!

Tournament Masterclass by Bencb (Review):
Unchained A Powerful Mind by Bencb (Review):

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How To Play Poker Final Tables In 2020 (In Depth Review w/ Bencb)

10 thoughts on “How To Play Poker Final Tables In 2020 (In Depth Review w/ Bencb)

  1. I mean, if K2 starts folding that spot, then don't we bluff jam all our flushes to get all non KT boats to fold?

    Does this mean V's line would have been perfect if he had been holding AK?


  2. I final tabled pushed with ace 7 diamonds someone called with ace queen and I was out I was running well till that point

  3. My “Ahah” moment in this vid was the way Ben explained the true ICM $EV of the stacks (at the end of the video) and how using this knowledge eases the mental pressure on us the times we are for instance a marginal chipleader🙂

  4. 20:00 it’s not even a decision on the River. It’s really not. That’s your best river besides a 10 and a 2 maybe. I don’t think anyone anywhere without knowing hold cards would think it’s a bad riv call. Before the river we have issues but that riv call is autopilot to me.

  5. I have vaguely thought that not looking at the payout structure could effect my game positively and you have confirmed that idea, great review. Love the way of looking at the chips as soldiers too! 🙂

  6. sorry gripsed but i just hate bencb stuff, sad as he seems like a nice guy but his rangers are way out and calling all the time is just losing money

  7. I just love hearing people break down hand ranges, it reminds me of how much I have to learn when it comes to my basic analysis at the tables…. get a feel for your opponents range with a stronger intention

  8. My “aha” moment, rather a thought that will leave a lasting impression is ignoring the payout structure’s greedy details… I know what the pay jumps should be, I know they go up when x amount of people cash out after the bubble, I know they only come when I play the people and variables in front of me at the table…. no need to focus elsewhere

  9. Thanks for this man!
    Helpful tip, weak smaller hats – you have a small head and the big hats accentuate it.

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