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So you think that you can bluff? Well, if you can identify the strengths of your opponents and your own, you just might. Subscribe to my channel for more videos:

Learn with Lex is the perfect fit for beginners in poker. Are you curious about the game and want to learn more about how to play it? In Learn with Lex, we will dive into the basics of poker and how to understand it! Watch and learn to become better in the game!

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I’m Lex Veldhuis, a poker professional and an official ambassador of PokerStars. I have been in the poker industry for 17 years and counting! When I was only 5 years old I got in touch with computer games and got very competitive with beating the games. In 2004 I began with my first online poker games and the rest is history. In 2016 I started streaming every single game live on Twitch.

On my channel, you can expect all of my biggest scores and best runs, poker and stream highlights, and competitions. Next to that, I invest $100,000 per month of my own money in tournament buy-ins.

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How to Recognize Strength at a Poker Table | Learn with Lex

10 thoughts on “How to Recognize Strength at a Poker Table | Learn with Lex

  1. Here's a hand for anyone reading this:

    Open from button with 2.2BB
    You call in BB with 5 7 of hearts
    Flop comes 5s 7c 10h
    Button jams 92BB into this ~5BB pot

    What's your play? Guess what he had… I'll let you know.

  2. so excited when i see these videos. spin up poker stars and blow another 10 euro hahah.

  3. Hey Lex! Are the Heads Up Zoom turbo's still running on Stars? Was my fav game but unfortunately I live in fkn Nederland 😆

  4. I know you explained in the video, but I just don't get how you are so sure he can't have a jack in the 6-4 hand. I guess the only real combos are qj, j10, and j9 of spades. and hes probably betting those on the flop?

  5. Won my first ever poker tournament today. Ran pretty well and made some gangster plays. Love these videos btw lex. Keep 'em coming.

  6. I won this mtt last week. Was fun to play… i ran well and my bluffs were crucial. this vid helped alot to crush it on a regular basis

  7. Hi Lex, thanks for the free content! Can you make a vid about how to do the notes on random players? Or to mention it in a vid that's about other topic? Or if there's already can you point it out? Thanks!

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