How to turn Small Pairs into Bluff | Poker Coaching – Episode 10

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In today’s episode of Poker Coaching, we’re going to look at how to bluff small pairs on high card boards.
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How to turn Small Pairs into Bluff | Poker Coaching – Episode 10

10 thoughts on “How to turn Small Pairs into Bluff | Poker Coaching – Episode 10

  1. 12:18 why look for spades first when you wanna bluff there? I don't get it

  2. It is really interesting hearing about how you 'think' poker in terms of playing this particular scenario many many times to work out your percentages of when to bluff and what influences that decision.

    I literally play the cards I get each hand in isolation and really don't or wouldn't even consider bluffing in this spot (55) – I would almost always assume with that many callers someone almost certainly has an ace.

    I should also point out I'm a losing recreational player ($250 in 12 months) exclusively on micro stakes bounty tournaments hehe

  3. i cant understand bad the other guy is saying. i know its good, but the way hes talking is difficult to understand,

  4. I’m going to say he had 55 and maybe 66. 55 makes sense. 3 bet in position, granted he should definitely see bet flop but deep in a 1k he’s probably thinking same thing you are. Scared of the two high cards. You both check to the river and he gets his lucky card.???? Thoughts?

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