Hyper turbo HUSNG poker strategy lesson online

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Hyper Turbo HUSNG Poker Lesson Online:

In this poker vlog JTS plays a series of high stakes HUSNGs at the 100$ level on pokerstars. learn poker from poker masters by viewing my free poker coaching videos.
Hyper turbo heads up sit and go’s are my specialty.
Poker 101 and highstakes sng life is my channel.

For more poker tips, poker strategy and to learn poker check out the rest of my channel! And remember! There is no profit without proper bankroll management.

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Hyper turbo HUSNG poker strategy lesson online

10 thoughts on “Hyper turbo HUSNG poker strategy lesson online

  1. why did you bet turn at 6:45 with A5?
    Hes not gonna call with worse and you have good sd value.
    Idk im just a fish

  2. But lets say he checkst turn and villain donks river for 2/3 pot or so.
    Now we can get value from bluffs but we would have to fire three barrels if we wanna get him of lets say pocket 88.
    It doesnt matter imo if we bet turn and river goes check check or if we check turn and call of river. If we call river we could get value from bluffs so id prefere that.
    But then again just mo… not sure

  3. @zygverg i have started building my bank roll, i prefer to play with real money so its a proper game. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site get it here –> bit.ly/Xdbwte?=uglvnr

  4. what hud is that? awesome hud? this is almost a year old which hud are you using nowadays? thanks

  5. @1:20 Do you stand behind that open-ship for 20 bigs with 33? How standard of a play is it as well?

  6. honestly speaking, u play fairly ok which is enough to beat them but most importantly, u run pretty good in general. Either way, gl.

  7. more liveplay online poker @ pokerstars : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib186i6dCw4

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