I’m going to ANNIHILATE THIS DESK ♣ Poker Highlights

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Catch every hand live at http://www.twitch.tv/lexveldhuis and click the follow button! Super zoned in, going deep in two nice tournaments. Surely nothing can go wrong here.

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I’m going to ANNIHILATE THIS DESK ♣ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “I’m going to ANNIHILATE THIS DESK ♣ Poker Highlights

  1. I think it's good to see the emotion come out if it didn't I'd consider you possible artifical intelligence.

  2. Other times you run so good… In jokerstars this happens normally every tourney, so no need to be salty

  3. Lex how can you say you dont tilt theese days and make the ULTRA – EV snap call with the K7? You took no time to even think of his bluffs/value range, you just snapped it off like a lil tilted chimpunk LMFAO. Get yourself a good spin regular and hire some HU coaching. You mess up really bad my man.

  4. ‘A wiser fella once said “Sometimes you eat the bar, and, well sometimes the bar eats you” ‘

    ПС же заблокировал доступ к игрокам из РФ
    или старые турниры?

  6. https://youtu.be/UAzymhpRmww?t=469 fallait payer dur dur GG le master call!!!!

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