I’m SO CLOSE To Winning $25,000!

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$25,000?! I only paid $50 to play this GG Poker Sunday tournament and now we’re on the final table – a MUST WIN for $20,000. This final table has a tonne of action on one of the most lucrative days of the week – poker Sundays.

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I’m SO CLOSE To Winning $25,000!

9 thoughts on “I’m SO CLOSE To Winning $25,000!

  1. not sure how we don't jam the a6dd on turn with low SPR if we're just calling off anyway? should just apply max fold equity ur not inducing anything. wp otherwise

  2. RIGGED AF winning all flips and its pretty obvios that u know u sure winning it with A2 off suit :))) bastard

  3. Morning Mr T, thanks for the video, would have been nice to get the W but congrats to the other fella.
    14k is still a lot of juice so that's sweet. GG, and much love from NZ.

  4. How the other player when winning always mada a "bad call" . Dude u set them allin every orbit. Obviously he will call at some point.

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