Learn an IMPORTANT Lesson about No Limit Hold’em

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Bart teaches an important lesson about No Limit Hold’em and bet sizing which comes out in today’s hand review.

0:00 — Hand Begins
7:29 — Important Lesson re NL Hold’em

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Learn an IMPORTANT Lesson about No Limit Hold’em

10 thoughts on “Learn an IMPORTANT Lesson about No Limit Hold’em

  1. And that's why check-call was the optimal line. Villain's range is very polarized between strong hands – where the money's going in anyway – and weak hands comprising missed draws and 3rd pair or worse. It's betting that makes little sense not checking.

  2. The BET of 120 1/3rd pot on the river is terrible.. bet 200 and you have 138 behind to call if he tries to Bluff and he probably wouldn't have made the play if you had bet more.. as played it's still an easy almost snap call..if your folding trips here your way to exploitive.. aggressive players will just run you over terrible terrible fold the in my 2 5 game where we play 200 BB's deep if the Pot had 400 in it and I had 500 behind and I bet 200 and he shoves for my last300 I'm insta calling even getting 3 to 1 I would call

  3. I would call because hero can beat some of the villain’s value range. Caller is representing an OP, so opponent could be raising bottom set or 2pr for value. Given that and the price, must call.

  4. It seems like caller was at 1st targeting "middling pairs" from a thinking player then when said player made a thinking play with said middling pair he got scared and bailed…

  5. Doug Polk is having a fit somewhere right now. There's thinking players and there's over-thinking players. I can get behind MAYBE a crying call, but how can you fold? I played a similar hand recently, quite similar in fact but I had the 22 with 25738 and my op jammed the river with 78. I shook my head but obviously called…

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