Learn Awesome Poker Chip Tricks – Anti Gravity PLUS

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Learn Awesome Poker Chip Tricks – Anti Gravity PLUS

10 thoughts on “Learn Awesome Poker Chip Tricks – Anti Gravity PLUS

  1. hey man nice videos i really like them i tried to do that but it makes my hand hurt 😐 how long does it take to do it good? how i can make my hand stop hurts and i got 11.5 gram chip its good enough?
    thanks 😀

  2. Many of these are very easy.. some take a few hours. Only a couple will make you "hurt", but it is temporary as you practice too much;) Mix it up and try others from the over 170 tricks and skills on the 4 dvd set! Cheers.

  3. @supacush7 SIlly… that would be done at the correct angle so a spectator would not. They'd see the back of the shooting hand and the other hand's opening would be blocked. I suppose that should have been explained just incase folks thought it would be possible to shoot the chip OPENLY… I think most that are into magic understood that this was another idea to incorporate correctly. thanks.

  4. im realy in love  whit this trick    you know whats  cool to do  use 2 chips and schoot them sideways   at the same time 

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