Learn Basic Odds How Not to Suck at Poker Ep 4

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There’s no two ways about it: Sucking at poker sucks. We’re here to show you how not to suck and our latest episode is an important one: Learning basic poker odds.

This video will teach you the basics of pot odds, pot equity and how to compare the two to find out whether you should make a call. Keep watching our 10-part series on How Not to Suck at Poker to stop sucking and start winning today.

You don’t need to learn any advanced math but you do need to be comfortable calculating things like pot odds, equity, and how common hands match up against each other.
If you shy away from learning math, don’t worry.

You already learned everything you need to know to calculate basic poker odds when you were in elementary school.

The whole point of learning poker odds is so you can judge how likely you are to win a hand and how much you should bet or call to get to showdown.

Pot Odds

The first thing you need to get familiar with is pot odds and it’s a really simple concept.

Pot odds refer to the amount you have to call compared to the amount you stand to win. Pot odds are important but they’re only one piece of the puzzle.

Pot Equity refers to your chances of having the best hand at showdown, and by comparing it to your pot odds you can figure out whether or not you should make a call. If your pot odds ratio is bigger than your pot equity ratio you should make the call, if it’s smaller, you should fold.

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Learn Basic Odds   How Not to Suck at Poker Ep  4

10 thoughts on “Learn Basic Odds How Not to Suck at Poker Ep 4

  1. Good video but I think you have the odds off. 18% chance equals 1 in 5.5, or 1 win for ever 4.5 losses. Odds is loss:win ratio so it should be 4.5-to-1.

  2. We get it, you know how to make cool graphics. When you make a video about math please refrain from hiding the math and confuse beyond necessity.

  3. If you aren't getting the right odds to call with a big draw, why would you fold instead of raising as a semi-bluff to maintain your pot equity and add fold equity?

  4. Counting your outs is never accurate, there are other people in the hand that may have already mucked their hand that could of contained one of your outs.

  5. Is there a reason the graphics are so annoying to try and watch and learn? What gain is there flipping everything around so you can't get any knowledge from the video other than seeing the editor knows how to use the rotate tool.

  6. youre absollutely not folding nut flush draw on the flop for a half pot bet.. thats rediclous

  7. definitely could improve vid, for example its of putting just putting bold capital words on the screen when you could just put picture examples

  8. This is quite weird, the pot equity is your odds of getting a certain hand but the pot odds aren't odds, they're just the amount you'll win in ratio to the amount you have to bet. It should be called something more like risk ratio.

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