LEARN HOW to Properly Play Poker Aggressively

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In this video we are going to show you how and when to play a draw aggressively. We’ll discuss all the different variables and factors and teach the best approach for max fold equity.

0:00 — Intro
2:17 — Preflop
3:32 — Flop
8:56 — Turn
11:57 — River
12:24 — Hero decision
12:53 — Reveal

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LEARN HOW to Properly Play Poker Aggressively

10 thoughts on “LEARN HOW to Properly Play Poker Aggressively

  1. Caller here, thanks for posting the video!

    Question: Suppose Hero had check – raised to 400 on the turn and villian calls. What should hero do on this river?

  2. At approx 11:42 the 4c came and you said it gave him 5 more outs. Im kinda new at this and cant figure how you got to 5 outs with the 4c. Thanks.

  3. Best poker youtube hands down Bart. Live poker will forever be profitable for disciplined hard working and open minded gamblers. Casino floor players and like minded slot jockeys don't see 18% equity with an underpair as a longshot. Longshots are 1000/1 so I'm happy cracking winners AA 1/5 times and it's what I live for honestly.

  4. All hail Kampala, the poker capital of Uganda. Truly an international game.

  5. Save your time. We didnt learn anything other than how the hand played out. No additional information. Also Get to the point. Friendly advice. Thanks

  6. What other hands balance hero leads on flop if only leading two pair or trips + ?

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