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In this video I four table no limit hold’em cash games on PokerStars and talk about the decisions that pop up. If you are interested in making money playing online poker, this video is a great place to start, because I teach you the basics of both preflop and postflop play in no limit hold’em.

Some of the concepts covered in this video are adjusting your stack size based on game conditions, flop c-betting decisions, what to do vs a raise once you do bet the flop, how to adapt to multi way pots, playing vs limpers, which hands to three bet, big blind defense and a lot more. It is a great starting point for newer players who are curious about learning the ins and outs of poker strategy.

Poker training videos have been around for a long time, usually hidden behind the paywall of poker training sites, where poker professionals use them to fine tune their game. Now they are available to you, free of charge, through this channel. The format is highly effective for learning about poker, because you are exposed to a variety of situations rapidly. During the course of this video I play 211 hands. Most of the boring decisions, where I make an obvious preflop fold, are not shown on camera. But hundreds of decisions (note that a poker hand can have easily 7+ decision points because you can face multiple decisions on each street) are, allowing you, the viewer, the opportunity to see how I played in each of those situations. The most important and interesting decisions are narrated, so you can have access to my thought process.

If you are trying to improve at online poker, watching and re-watching this video, and taking notes, is a great way to do so. I have been a professional poker player for two decades now, playing against some of the toughest opponents in the world at the highest stakes.

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Learn How to Win At Poker With This Instructional Video Play and Explain Video