Mega-Poker.Net: Learn to Play Poker – Betting Strategy

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In the third installment of the Learn to Play Poker Video Series, Mega-Poker-Net presents: Betting Strategy which deals with pre-flop raising, continuation and probe betting strategies.

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Mega-Poker.Net: Learn to Play Poker – Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “Mega-Poker.Net: Learn to Play Poker – Betting Strategy

  1. what he says could and i say could be used in live games but internet play is so random its kinda hard to make reads. the only then he said that i agree with is "if you think your beat fold"

  2. and also at 9:40 he says, there is a flush on the board, not there isnt. there are three diamonds, that means flush DRAW if you are gonna make a poker video atleast know what your talking about.

  3. @Alucard20039 Flush draw is when you're one or two cards away from a flush and are hoping to draw a flush from the turn or river. Learn your bad. There were 3 diamonds on the board, someone could have 2 diamonds in their hand to make a flush.

  4. On that final turn a voice in my head was shooting at me: "shove shove shove shove shove shove"

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  6. no offense but ur a bad player… ur so easy to read… if i were playing against u , i would win u without any doubt… u fold quickly even with good hands so ur very easy to bluff…

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