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In this video series, we are running an experiment to see how quickly a total beginner (my girlfriend), can improve at poker using nothing but DriveHud2, to diagnose her leaks, and GTOx, to find remedies for these leaks.

We are excited to announce that GTOx has teamed up with DriveHud2 to integrate database and solver analysis into one, seamless learning solution, which we believe will be the future of poker learning.



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10 thoughts on “MY GIRLFRIEND TRIES TO PLAY POKER (and fails)

  1. Is there anyway I can be your next experiment? A NL poker player that started when Moneymaker won WSOP and for the last 10 years hasnt played tourneys or cash games only to come back to this GTO NL world…My head hurts already thinking bout all the charts and math lol

  2. "Total beginner to proficient poker player without any courses or coaching"
    Has the best god damn tailor made coaching course on the internet!

  3. picking poker over hottub as an attractive female is not a twitch theory optimal strategy

  4. "Only bluff weakest trash on river"

    Is a good heuristic to bluff our weakest draws then? Or is there a better heuristic, since bluffing draws on river is bad since we block our opponent's folding range (they have less draws if we have the draws)?

  5. why is she playing .5/.10? or has she been playing before the other intro levels, cause i just made it to .2/.5 for some reason it wasnt gradual i studied a crapload then started just playing a ton and it all started clicking, like i was studying too much and not playing enough

  6. This video should be in the description of every series of this series. I was always confused who ariel was

  7. Hy, I have just applied to the Patreon subscription and want to start studying. What preflop ranges do you recommend that for. Is there a posibility to extract these from GTOX?

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