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In this sit n go strategy video, I discuss the concept of taking notes. Note taking is extremely important and something that a lot of poker players do not do. You want to take as many notes as possible on players to eliminate the guesswork when assigning ranges to players.

The first tip when taking notes is to use abbreviations. You want to be quick and specific when taking notes, rather than taking too much time while actually playing, especially if you multi-table. So, use abbreviations like AI (all in), EP (early position), MP (middle position), r/c (raise and call), etc…

You then want to take these notes in situations where a player does something out of the ordinary, such that, you can use that information to your advantage to exploit that player at a later time. It is also very important to take these notes on players you see every day. Naturally, you want to take notes on all players, but you are likely to see the winning, regular players at your tables daily, so those are the ones you want the most notes on.

In addition, instead of of taking notes live at the table, utilize your Holdem Manager or Pokertracker database after your session to filter your hands for specific situations (ie, all in, 3-betting, calling ranges, etc…). This way, you can pin point hands for specific players and add those notes directly into your database.

Finally, you should also color code players based on player type, such as Fish, Wild Card, Reg, and Top Reg. Especially if you are multi tabling, color coding the types of players can give you quick information about who you are up against, and average ranges, particularly for the regs.

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Online Poker Strategy – Note Taking in SNGs

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