Only 2% of People Play This Hand Right

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Why does everybody play this hand so incorrectly? Ace Queen is the number one hand I get asked about, learn how to play it correctly in this video.


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Only 2% of People Play This Hand Right

4 thoughts on “Only 2% of People Play This Hand Right

  1. I have tons of luck with AQ because I limp and see the flop first. It's not that hard to fold if the flop doesn't look good. Try not being a donkey

  2. Thank you for making your videos. I want to let you that I bought into a 5/10 game last night with $2,500. I soon found myself down to my last $500. That is when I remembered your video on how to recognizing the different player types and to adjust your playing strategy accordingly. I realized that to my left was a Nit, to his left was a fish, to her left was a Tag, to his left was a whale, to his left was a maniac, followed y two Tag players. Once I zoned on each players type I was able to dominate the table. I literally could see the three Tag players joy drain from their faces as I started moving their stacks to mine. In a short two hours I went from $2,500 down to $500 then to $11,300 for profit of $8,800. It was a great night. Thanks again.

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