Oppenheim V Mizrachi | Brilliant Bluff | Great Poker Hands

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Great use of the bluff in a spot where it figures to get a ton of credit
When you can put the absolute top of someones range under a lot of pressure, consider bluffing…
From WSOP 2010 Poker Players Championship

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Oppenheim V Mizrachi | Brilliant Bluff | Great Poker Hands

7 thoughts on “Oppenheim V Mizrachi | Brilliant Bluff | Great Poker Hands

  1. This has got to be my favorite hand of all time. Hands yielding any loss for Mizrachi is a good one, but this is a GREAT one.

  2. LOL… favorit hand? try it the worst hand of all time..Starts with a limping freak show.. Then after everybody limp, that guy float mizrachi without no reason, with nothing… The pot wasnt even that big…. Oppenheim had invest 40k in the pot, than he resolves to invest more than a million to steal it, even when was very likely to mizrachi had a 9, or another good cards, everyone limps, someone probably hit that flop… horrible play…

  3. Gabriel: U gotta note that this took place all the way back in 2010..when limping with your mediocre broadway, low pairs was the norm. obv that type of play gets ripped apart by the better players nowadays. Oppenheim was no guy in this spot. It was Mizrachi who played the pot wrong. Mirzrachi n Oppy have both played thousands of hands together in cash games which could have led to this play. The minbet on the flop and 1/5pot bet on the turn looked very weak. Any aggressive player would have played back..As Oppy is a cash game player, he's naturally an aggro player. If you are gonna bet that weak then you better be trapping to induce a 3bet from an aggressive opponent. What could Oppy limp with preflop that would reraise you on the turn and cbet on the river? 77,97s,86s,JTs,other 9X hand. All overpairs and JTs would have checked on the river for pot control. 97s and 86s would unlikely be limped. That leaves 77s,9X and random spade draws. Mizrachi was given 1:4 odds to call on the river..meaning that he only has to win 20% of the time to make the call! Should be a crying call for most good players. Wouldn't be surprised to see him slowly fade away from the tournament scene if he doesn't work on his game. Tbh, i think Oppy was simply putting Mizrachi on the 7 and tryin to bet him off it..he would never expect Michael to fold the 9 in that spot. That horrible bet sizing by mizrachi actually costed him the pot! Lesson: never minbet unless inducing

  4. I was in thuritz's shoes once before. I was so happy, I also thanked the bluffer. Lol.

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