Poker Hands. Learn about Poker hands, Poker starting hands

Learn Poker Video Source & Info: Free guide to poker hands, learn about poker hands and poker starting hands. Free tips on poker hands and texas hold em hands. poker starting hands and poker hands.

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Poker Hands. Learn about Poker hands, Poker starting hands

8 thoughts on “Poker Hands. Learn about Poker hands, Poker starting hands

  1. I use and follow Winning Low Limit Hold'em by Lee Jones. And you're correct. It's not profitable to play KT to T 9 in any position

  2. if these cards are suited it's not to bad to play them, it can or can not be profitable

  3. we were talking about early position aka utg. Of course, suited cards should be played if possible. Suited connectors are the best. They're the cards where you pay cheap price and get paid the most. I play any random suited cards if I'm on button and nobody raised or if pot odds are quite good for me to call. Other than that, if I'm early position, I rather fold rags or crappy suited cards from early position because you're vulnerable to raises.

  4. o i c play K10, Q10 and J9 from UTG but dont open with A6 from the button.
    Now i can win at poker!

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