Poker Strategy Tips: The Three-bet

Learn Poker Video Source & Info: is back with another free poker strategy tip! This week we break down the three-bet.

Learn key concepts like when to three-bet for value, when to three-bet light as well as balancing your three-bet range.

Online poker is extremely aggressive and you don’t stand a chance if the three-bet isn’t part of your game plan. has a huge strategy section designed to turn you into a winning poker player. Check it out at

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Poker Strategy Tips: The Three-bet

10 thoughts on “Poker Strategy Tips: The Three-bet

  1. The point was to reduce their 3-bet calling ranges, or to make them fold more often. The bet that he makes does nothing but bloat the pot out of position, as both players have good odds to call.

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  3. when in either blinds if you notice the cutoff or button raise and you have enough hand stats (400 or more) for the % of time they fold 3bets and that number is 90%+ then if they open raise anywhere from 2-3x then I will raise 3x their total bet with any two cards and I win almost every time I do this.  If I see a flop then I have no problem giving up on it even on a marginal spot like top pair.

  4. why the use of some new jargon called a "3-bet"? its called a "raise". @ 2:52, one player limps, the next guy 'raises' to $9 and the person with JJ 're-raises' it to $30. these are 'bets' sure, but why confuse people with the stupid lingo? its just like substituting the term 'variance' for 'luck'.

    i can call a duck "waterfowl" but it doesnt distinguish between what type of waterfowl now does it? no, it doesnt. quit trying to make the luck bucket game of texas hold 'em seem like its this difficult game to understand and using terms that really dont make any sense at all.

  5. 6:52–6:58 Most people will not 'call because they have the better hand'. More often than not, until the blinds get too big, most people will call with ANYTHING just to see what the flop brings. Unless I have KK or AA, I rarely re-raise pre-flop in an average tourney when the blinds are small because even when I do, I get called with crap regardless and inevitably, they land 2 pair with a J 3 off suit or chase a gut shot straight to the river. I guess that is the difference between good and bad players. And most of the time, if someone raises he is going to most likely call a 3 bet.

  6. So what he's saying is that a TAG's 3-bet late position calling range is usually worse than our 3-betting range? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  7. I'm new to poker. Is an alternative viable strategy to call a raise instead or… over bet? If you call you get to see the flop and because your hand will be favoured, you should be positioned to c-bet and win. You also conceal the strength of your hand. If you over bet, then you lock them out of seeing the flop from a position where you are favourite anyway so it's safer than letting them hit something.

  8. that guy that min bet is clearly terrible but he has a stack of $383, surely players playing at these stakes arent that bad ? I haven't even seen a micro stakes player play that bad

  9. I don't understand the concept of adding a multiple to your three-bet when your out of position. Can someone please elaborate? at face value that strategy seems terrible.

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