Pot Limit Omaha – Poker Quiz – Learn PLO

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Learn how to play Pot Limit Omaha with this recording of a live training session at PokerSchoolOnline. Our live training sessions are free to join, to find out more click on the link at the top of the description.

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Pot Limit Omaha – Poker Quiz – Learn PLO

5 thoughts on “Pot Limit Omaha – Poker Quiz – Learn PLO

  1. The Speaker of the class made a mistake in my opinion. I am very new to poker, However I believe that I am right on this one.

    At 1:08 when he compares the equity on the flop between 3 & 4 players, he says that when the 4th player ender the equation then
    Players 1 and player 2 drop. The actually do up in equity!
    In the first window we have 3 players (33%-33%-33% / for a tie)
    In the second we have 4 players (25%-25%-25%-25% for a tie)
    * Tie means they do not lose their investment.

    When the first player goes from 36.94% with a 33%tie (36.94%-33%= +3.94%
     to 30.97 with a tie 25% (30.97%-25%= +5.97%)
    I want to believe that he goes up.
    The same for player 2.
    He is 25.23% with a tie 33% (25.23%-33%= -7.77%)
    to 22.54% with a tie 25% (22.54%-25%= -2.46%)
    He is still an underdog but he actually went up!

    I repeat that when I say tie I mean the do not lose thier investment or the get back their investment. As you wish.

    Please someone comment on that. I am new to poker but I believe that a I am not wrong on this one.


  2. at 26:00 why does the the outs of hand B increase from 7 outs on the turn to 10 outs on the river ?

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