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Christian Soto & Matt Berkey touch on WSOP Player of the Year, Christian’s recent commentary debut on PokerGO for the Poker Masters 10k Short Deck, AND Berkey breaks it down with SPECIAL GUEST JOE INGRAM!

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Each week, high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey takes a deep dive into diverse poker topics with co-hosts Christian Soto and Nick Howard. It’s a Solve For Why podcast with poker and entertaining vlog footage. They discuss topics such as advanced poker strategy, hand histories, GTO vs exploitative and poker lifestyle. During these Vlogcasts, you’ll learn how to think about poker strategy, bankroll management, the mental game of poker and the poker mindset. Lastly the S4Y Vlogcast discusses the most recent poker news & developments including topics regarding rake, Pokerstars, Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey and poker rooms and series such as the WSOP, WTP, Triton High Roller Series, Ivey’s room at Aria, Wynn and Bellagio.

Our mission at Solve for Why is to provide a unique learning experience which challenges conventional wisdom while providing a framework to think differently. We, as a team, want to provide high quality, revealing content to the poker community.

The Solve For Why Cash Game Coaching Team consists of high stakes poker pro Matt Berkey,
Christian Soto, Matt Hunt, and Jack Laskey of Just Hands Poker. Together, they have created video series such as the Solve For Why Vlogcast- with various poker and entertaining topics, Solve For Why Origins, which takes an in-depth look at the background of Solve For Why, Results May Vary- which follows the Solve For Why team during the World Series of Poker, and S4Y Chronicles- which contains vlogs, poker trips, hand history reviews and peels back the curtain on the high stakes poker lifestyle.

Check out www.solveforwhyacademy.com for more info.

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10 thoughts on “SPECIAL GUEST: JOE INGRAM | S4Y VLOGCAST #25 | Solve for Why

  1. I enjoyed your video with Joey. I liked how at ease you both were and felt comfortable to talk openly. I do have one gripe which is Christian's comment about POY. Saying " I believe his last name is Campbell" This comes across very disrespectful to Robert. If you going to report news on your utube channel at least do it tastefully.

  2. 35:00 From the viewers perspective, would def prefer to watch games that players have most of their own action.
    side note, only would like to watch games that run it once.

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