Stubborn Calls are Costing Me at the Wynn!! | Poker Vlog #57

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Spring is just around the corner, which means the Wynn Millions series is back!! There’s nothing better than playing your favorite poker format in your favorite poker room 🙂

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Stubborn Calls are Costing Me at the Wynn!! | Poker Vlog #57

10 thoughts on “Stubborn Calls are Costing Me at the Wynn!! | Poker Vlog #57

  1. Internal boredom I'm laughing out loud that's super intelligent and super funny

  2. Pertaining to the 99s, I think their was way to much that can beat you on the river, fold was smart.

  3. Great content as usual! Your thought process is what sets you apart from a lot of vloggers who throw cliches around to explain splashy play. Your reasoning is solid even when the cards don’t fall your way. Your donkey call was a bit stubborn. At first glance the open ender is sooo enticing, but should it hit on the hi end it could easily connect to your opponent, as well as the two flush draws. A made straight in that position could leave you in a worse position 🤷🏻‍♂️ So yes, too stubborn 🤣

  4. Good to see your not superstitious or you would spin the spinner all the time🤪

  5. Hopefully your tour of Paris/Horseshoe will include a trip across Flamingo to the always lovely Stage Door Casino!

  6. OMG.. I am totally looking forward to the horseshoe Bally's walk through Vlog… It was one of the things that made Andrew vlogs so great.. need more of this.. PLEASE

  7. 😭😭😭

    I wanted to fly to Vegas for the Wynn millions to play a few tournaments… but the air fair and stay cost 💲 we’re 60% above average… gonna hold off till WSOP in June

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