The #1 Reason Thinking Players LOSE at Poker

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If you’re a good (thinking) poker player, THIS might be your biggest poker leak and the biggest reason you lose at the poker table! Plug this leak asap and save your winrate 💪

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The biggest reason that thinking poker players lose is they give into their emotions too much.

This doesn’t necessarily just mean getting upset, giving into your emotions also applies to making decisions out of fear.

Mistakes made out of fear don’t look like tilt, they look like making folds, they look like betting hands for protection that shouldn’t, they look like missing bluffs and then becoming predictable because they’re not making those bluffs that they should.

You will NEVER learn to eliminate emotions from the poker table, you should strive to learn to make good decisions in spite of them.
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The #1 Reason Thinking Players LOSE at Poker

10 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Thinking Players LOSE at Poker

  1. I've found that in lower stakes games thinking players lose by assuming other players are also thinking players when they are not. I'd like to hear your thoughts on that.

  2. HEY PHIL… Maybe you can have a Vlog that analizes the Hustler High Stakes PLO… I recently watched and I'm a Novice but it looks like the Wild West shoot from the hip . Are these "PLAYS" any good? Can I learn anything?? Or are they playing AFC (any four cards)…. Maybe I can Learn from DWAN….

  3. Im only here to read all the pros in the comments that have probably never made a penny in poker

  4. I've learned to not give a love at the tables.
    What tilts me are actually the poker discussions AFTERWARDS. OFF the table. When, whatever play I share with people online. EVERY time, no matter what or how I played. Even when I won a tournament. There are ALWAYS people telling me, I played badly… 🤔🤷‍♂️
    So, what's the point then?

  5. so basically think players loose because they stop thinking because the fear blocks the prefrontal cortex

  6. True that im sometimes thinking its a good spot to bluff but then im thinking whatif this guydont give a f and still calls me with his whati assume is 2nd pair at best and im not pulling trigger sometimes

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