The Basic Betting Mistake Most People Don’t Know About

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Most poker players make this basic betting mistake and it might be costing you money too. Follow my simple formula to fix this now.

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The Basic Betting Mistake Most People Don’t Know About

9 thoughts on “The Basic Betting Mistake Most People Don’t Know About

  1. How do you play river spots like this? Also, here are the 5 reasons some people win at poker, but most never will

  2. What hands are you getting value from besides maybe 88 and 77 (which definitely should fold here sometimes)? 76 suited, 56 suited maybe? When you're struggling to pick hands that you can get value from, and there's a whole bunch of hands (any jack lol) that will call a river bet, why exactly are you betting?

  3. I don't understand the cbet with middle pair. What are we looking for here, a 9 which has a very small chance to come.

  4. What online sites do you suggest for those of us in the United states? That you don't have to use crypto to fund?

  5. Your knowledge of all NL is epically underrated! Your videos are also epically under viewed! ALL your videos contain seriously sound advise.
    My bank accounts thank you very much! 🤑 Keep up the good work!

  6. If I'm the TAG in position against you and I see you check that turn, then 1/2 pot the river, I'm likely to raise you, even if I completely whiffed.

  7. Hello Nathan, the cbet you recommend in flop is lis 1/3, 1/2 or 3/4pot?
    I would use 1/3, is it too weak?

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