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In this video you will learn all about poker EV. EV, short for expected value, is the mathematical way of saying “this play is expected to net me $X amount of money in the longrun.” Learn why this is a longrun focused concept and how to calculate it with ease. We go through the formula step-by-step to ensure you fully understand it and use an example to show its application in poker. If you are looking for more material on the concept, check out this free article: …



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The Basics Of Poker EV | Poker Quick Plays

10 thoughts on “The Basics Of Poker EV | Poker Quick Plays

  1. Adding more pairs to the shover's range does not improve your +EV. However, adding unpaired hands does.

  2. + what about when players are still left to act after you, do you assume they fold and do the minimum, what you already know is guaranteed money won (if you do win)? also do you recalculate this on the flop, turn, then again on the river? and when you do that do you include the money you already bet as money lost? Edit: you don't include the previous bets in the new calculation do you? But still if someone can clarify I would appreciate it.

  3. i constantly play +ev and im constantly losing…for years…. overall im winning a little but god damn its stupid game!

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